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Tea has been used as a refreshing and invigorating elixir for more than 5000 years. Discerning gourmets have always enhanced their enjoyment by the addition of flavours to the died leaf or brew In those distant times flavours such as onions, cloves, salt and sweet herbs were added to both black & green teas, but today the emphasis is on the flavours of flowers and fruits.

The base for a flavoured or scented tea maybe green, oolong or black leaf or a blend of such, at Tea House we use only the finest high grown black and green Ceylon Tea and select Chinese green teas.

The flavours are mixed with the dry leaf at the end of the manufacturing process. The prefinished tealeaf is placed in a large bin type mixing machined and the flavours are introduced in the form of dry granules or liquid while the leaf is slowly tumbled. Once flavoured the tea is spread on a clean and dry surface and allowed to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once dry, the tea is placed in sealed containers and stored to allow it to achieve a full bouquet before it is packed.

At Tea House, we are pleased that our teas are renowned for their discreet flavours and satisfy the most discerning palates.


Sometimes confusion arises over the difference between teas, flavoured teas and other infusions. Flavoured teas are made by adding fruits, flowers, spices or herbs to the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinesis. Infusions or tisanes are made from plants and herbs such as camomile; mint, of fennel and do not contain any Camellia sinesis.

Tea House has a select range of Herb Teas to complement our premium range of Black, Green and flavoured teas.

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