A Practical Guide to our Fine Teas  
  A Description of Our Products      
  Wood Boxes features   25 teabags in an attractive handmade softwood box. This is our best seller, combining a beautiful retail pack with a superior tea that generates repeat sales. Many consumers even collect the boxes.    
  Mini Wood Boxes features   10 teabags in aminiature version of our best selling Wood Box that's perfect for gift baskets. We retain the look of our larger wood boxes while offering a size that's easy to fit and position into any basket.    
  Cloth Sachets features   10 teabags in a cloth bag with drawstring. Our best seller for gift baskets the sachets are screen printed with a colorful design, and are so lightweight that they can be easily positioned into any basket.    
  Dispenser Cartons features   20 teabags in a colorful carton that also dispenses individual teabags servings. Our best value and one that 's great for retail, expresso carts and foodservice. Includes decaf and herbal teas.    
  Mini Cartons features   10 teabags in a trial size carton that offers many advantages. The perfect sampler of consumers who would like to try different flavored teas without spending a lot! It's also ideal for gift baskets.    
  Pocket Packs features   5 teabags in a very narrow and tapered carton which features an eye catching design. An economical offering for making gourmet gift baskets while still providing a unique and colorful package.    
  Wood Hexagons features   20 teabags in a unique six-sided wood box that's handcrafted and then silk-screened with a beautiful, bold fruit-wreath design. Perfect for gift giving or for that unique gourmet basket.    
  Christmas Triangles features   15 teabags in a unique triangular wood box offered in a series of six spectacular Christmas designs that feature three Christmas trees and three Christmas wreaths. Sell them individually or as a set.    
  Fruit Four-Pack features   40 assorted teabags in a bright colorful carton that makes for both a great gift item, or simply offers the consumer an assortment of our favorite fruit teas at an economical price.    
  Presentation Chest features   80 assorted teabags in a strikingly handsome, mahogany stained wood chest. Makes a wonderful gift item for the home hostess or for restaurants to offer a table    
  Enveloped Teabags features   100 of our bright and beautiful four-color individually enveloped teabags for whenever you need to offer a single serving, be it at home, an expresso bar, restaurant, or for the gift basket.    
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